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Good Neighbor

Vuka is committed to supporting our community. We are proud to call the Bouldin Creek area home to all things Vuka and have established guidelines to conduct our business in a way that we are proud of and in a way that respects our neighbors.

We call Bouldin Creek home. A large percentage of our coworkers live within the neighborhood, contributing to our success just as we do to theirs. The residents of Bouldin are an integral part of our story, and we take careful considerations to respect the privacy and unique personality that supports our story and space. We encourage our community to be good neighbors and be aware of the private homes and communities within the Bouldin Creek neighborhood that support our business.

Below are a few ways we work to be a good neighbor to the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association: 


Gather provides on-site parking within our gates. We also have access to various offsite businesses’ parking lots, where availability and capacity will vary. We encourage guests of Gather to be respectful of our neighbors, avoid parking in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood, and utilize our designated parking instead.

Public Transportation

Gather makes a point of encouraging guests to utilize public transportation and ride-sharing to reduce carbon, vehicle and foot traffic in this pedestrian area. Incentives are provided to our guests to reduce disruption in the neighborhood.


Gather limits rentals on our event space out of respect for our neighbors. All events are required to end no later than 10 p.m. and are monitored for sound and security.


Gather respects all city-mandated sound ordinances. Learn more about city-mandated sound ordinances here.