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Still Looking For The Perfect Festival Season Event Space?

Well look no further. We have you covered. With Austin’s biggest festival and conference week of the year just six months away, now is the time to start planning your epic SXSW event. Hundreds of artists, films, corporate activations, and demos will be vying for attention during the two-week festival. But don’t stress: Austin’s premiere local event space, Gather Venues, has you covered. Every great event begins with a great venue – and a few key aspects of our spaces can really help to set your event apart.


LOCATION: As the old adage goes, location really is everything. Unique among festivals, SXSW takes place across the entirety of Central Austin, spanning from south of Lady Bird Lake, up through Austin’s northern neighborhoods. Proximity to restaurants, bars, hotels and Airbnbs in Austin’s famous South Central neighborhood, and uptown’s Hyde Park and North Loop neighborhoods, will make your event more attractive to festival-goers keen to stay near the action all day long. Gather Venues not only offers two ideal Central Austin event spaces on North Lamar and Monroe, less than half a mile from downtown, but also a shuttle service that runs between both venues and the heart of downtown.

VIBE: SXSW audiences are becoming more and more discerning every year. In an increasingly crowded space, festival-goers aren’t just looking for a “trendy” experience, but an authentic one. Gather Venues’ Monroe location has a hyper-local, neighborhood vibe. Its eclectic and globally-inspired interior is ideal for a creative, artist-inspired event. The polished, modern style of our North Lamar location is perfect for an activation, product launch or other corporate events.

It’s also important to cater your event to feel inclusive for people from all over the country and globe, keeping in mind that often-fatigued festival-goers are looking for comfort as well as style. In Austin’s beautiful early-spring weather, outdoor spaces like Gather Venues Monroe’s massive 12,000 square-foot backyard space are a huge draw.

CONNECTIONS: A great SXSW event venue also has deep local connections to help hook you up with top-notch vendors during the busiest weeks of the year. Gather Venues has worked for years with trusted partners who are the best in town at providing everything from food and drink to DJs and photobooths. We’ll work with you to ensure you have all the help you need to make your event a smash hit.

AMENITIES: Adequate parking, audio-visual support and furniture rentals are core elements of an event venue. But it’s not only the space and tech that matters: You also need excellent coordination on the day of your event to deliver a truly unforgettable experience to your guests. Adequate day-of access to the space and an experienced, professional day-of manager are crucial to ensure everything is just right, well in advance of guests’ arrival.

FLEXIBILITY: Depending on the size and desired feel of the event, both Gather Venues sites can easily accommodate a large group (up to 200 at Monroe, or 380 at North Lamar), or we can flex and curate the space to create a more exclusive and intimate experience for your guests. We’ve created unique, innovative experiences of all kinds, and our goal is to support your vision for your perfect SXSW event space.

We have collaborated on incredible events and activations with clients such as DIRECTV, NBC/Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” indie-rock band CULTS (see right), and others (see below).

For more information on our SXSW event spaces, please contact Catherine Kuchar (catherine@vukacollective.comor schedule a tour of our SXSW event venues online by visiting clicking here.


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