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Pros And Cons Of A Small Wedding


After the congratulations, endless hugs, and ‘toasts to you’ have subsided, it’s time to get to work planning your big day. From the flowers to the decor to the food to selecting your wedding venue, there are countless to-dos to check off your list. But before we move forward, let’s finalize your guest list. Because as most of you already know, many of the aforementioned checklist items depend on the number of guests you plan on inviting.

Typically, a small wedding consists of two to fifty guest, so if you’re thinking of an intimate wedding, this post is for you. We’ll dive into the pros and cons of having a small wedding and walk you through the best ways to execute your vision. Follow along with us.



Financial reasons can be one of the more obvious reasons couples opt for a smaller wedding. For one, a smaller wedding enables couples to do more with their budget, like spend a bit more on food, drink, decor, or wedding favors, too.

Similarly, smaller guests lists offer couples to choose non-traditional venues or venues that don’t normally lend themselves to weddings. Suddenly, your favorite restaurant can now be used as a backdrop for your big day, further adding to the intimate, personal energy and atmosphere you might want to create with a small party.


We’ve stated it before, but it’s true: a smaller wedding also tends to be inherently more intimate. Not only does it feel closer due to the smaller space and proximity, but you and your partner can also spend more time with each guest, too. Whether it’s on the dance floor or conversing over a meal is up to you.

small wedding venues austin txLESS STRESS

Smaller weddings tend to be less stress-inducing, too. Fewer people means less pressure in creating a seating chart or deciding on and purchasing wedding favors, for example. An intimate gathering often lends itself the ability to have fewer bumps or mishaps, too.



A smaller wedding means a smaller guest list. And while the intimacy it offers can be considered a pro for some couples as we stated above, the thought of angered family members and friends can be an added stressor for others. Unfortunately, there will be a number of people who assumed they’d be invited and might be offended when they hear they didn’t make the final list. Your parents might even pressure you into inviting extended family members, which is never a comfortable conversation.

But if you’re adamant about having a smaller wedding, stay strong to your desires. You can even stretch the truth and let them know the ultimate decision was motivated by financial restrictions.


We know, we know. We did say a smaller wedding can be less stressful for the couple, and that’s definitely true for some. But for couples who were hoping to hire a wedding planner, a smaller wedding isn’t necessarily the market for doing so. That means booking the venue, getting the flowers, ordering the food, and ensuring everything else is prepared will be up to you and your partner.

Ultimately, the size of your wedding is up to you and your partner. So if a smaller wedding aligns more with your vision, we suggest staying true to yourselves. At the end of the day, it really is just about the two of you.

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Article Written by Sommer Brugal.

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