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Important Things To Remember When Choosing A Wedding Venue

While planning a wedding can be both stressful and time-consuming, we like to see it as an opportunity. A time to be creative, to think outside the box, and to show your personality as a couple. And while details like the flowers and color scheme often take precedence, it’s important to remember the structure that will house all the smaller details, the venue.

Choosing a wedding venue is no simple task. It can enhance your wedding’s style, feel, and energy. To help you make the right choice, we at Gather Venues created a list of important things to remember when choosing your wedding venue. Happy shopping!


Before scoping out those smaller, intimate spaces, be sure you have the smaller guest list to fit. Couples often underestimate how big their final guest list will be, so finalizing that list can help you weed out spots that are too big or too small before you spend time visiting them.

Wedding Venue In Austin TexasRemember Those Guests

Once you finalized your guest list, you’ll also want to consider their overall experience when selecting your venue. For example, if you consider a venue located outside the city, you’ll have to think about how your guests will arrive. Will you provide a shuttle for out of town guests only, or will you offer that service for all guests?

We also recommend asking how many guests fit comfortably in the space, which might be different than the max capacity. You’ll want your guests to be able to move freely and comfortably inside the venue.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

It’s easy to go over budget when planning a wedding, so when it comes to selecting your wedding venue, we suggest skipping the tour of those venues that are out of your budget from the start.

Once you do decide to visit a venue, however, be sure to ask the following: what’s included and what will need to be purchased separately; if linens are included, ask to see them beforehand; what’s the in-house food and beverage minimum, keeping in mind you’ll have to factor in appropriate gratuity. Having a list of prepared questions will ensure you’re covered when it comes to final costs and help avoid any unexpected charges at the end.

Make It Personal

Selecting a wedding venue can often be influenced by the looks and images you’ve seen online and in magazines. Keep in mind that while a venue looked perfect on Pinterest, it might not produce the same result or feel with the color and decor you have in mind for yours. That’s why it’s important to choose a venue that best represents your personality as a couple, not a space that mimics another couple’s vision.

Our team at Gather Venues understands just how stressful (but fun!) selecting a wedding venue can be. We’re here to help. We know what a venue needs to support a successful wedding and we’re ready to help you plan yours.

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Article Written by Sommer Brugal

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