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5 Often Overlooked Event Planning Elements


We’re no strangers to planning events here at Gather Venues. We pride ourselves on creating fun, tasteful, elegant, smooth (well, you get it–we think we’re pretty great) events. Yet, we have countless tales of bumps, hiccups, and overlooked to-dos that leave us scrambling at the very last second.

Based on experience, we’ve realized five elements party planners often overlook and how to be sure you don’t make the same mistake. Read along and happy planning!

Unexpected Costs

Every party planner can tell you: When planning an event, you can almost always anticipate a few unexpected costs to present themselves when planning an event. Let’s take linens, for example. When you book an event space, it’s sometimes assumed that if tables and chairs are included in the rental price, so are the linens and cutlery.

While that might seem logical, it’s not always the case; many event spaces don’t include linens or additional materials in their rental price. To ensure you’re not surprised when the final bill arrives, be sure to do your research and ask what’s included in the final rental costs.

Untimely Planning

Poor time management is a party planning bump we’ve all experienced, as we tend to underestimate how long certain tasks will take and when they should be accomplished. To avoid scrambling at the last minute, set both short and long-term deadlines for yourself so it’s not just one long to-do list. We also recommend enlisting another planner or staff member to report to on those deadlines. Doing so will hold you accountable.

Not Enough Help

event planning austin txOne party planning element that’s often overlooked is ensuring a sufficient number of staff is on hand to help on event day. Once in party planning mode, it’s easy to think that we can accomplish everything on our day-of to-do list without a helping hand, but that’s a sure fire way of having something slip through the cracks.

Similarly, chances are staff members will get caught up attending to guests during the event, and as a result, their intended role can be ignored. To avoid this mishap, it’s best for your event to be overstaffed.

Overcomplicating Things

event planningIntentional or not, we often create a more complicated scenario for ourselves on event day. To simplify things, create a contact list and keep it nearby. Similarly, be sure to have a box of supplies within reach as well. Include miscellaneous items like scissors, tape, hair ties, stickers, pens, and anything else you think could be of use.

From experience, more often than not, events require last minute changes or alteration. So whether you need a staff member’s contact information or a hair tie, having everything on hand reduces any additional stress of having to search for either.

Adding A Personal Touch

Whether you’re planning an event for your office or planning someone’s wedding, consider adding a personal touch. Curate that playlist you know everyone will love; include a few floral arrangements you put together yourself; put your trademark trinket or ornament somewhere in the room. Adding a bit of your personality will make the event more recognizable and memorable for guests, too. And hey, you never know who in the audience is looking for their next party planner.

If you’re currently looking at venue spaces, our team at Gather Venues would love to show you our spaces and help you see your event through. To schedule a tour, visit or contact We can’t wait to hear from you.


Article Written by Sommer Brugal

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